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Serving Our Kids and Families

Sunday School- Sunday school is offered for children in K-5th grade. It is a multi-age group that uses the Spark series to bring the stories of the Bible to life! More adults are welcomed in sharing their love of Christ and youth! The curriculum is easy to follow and the working with the children is very rewarding. The instructors are now on a rotating basis. The commitment involved is the time after the child’s word in the service to the end of the service and an hour of preparation during the week. 

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Child’s Word- Most Sundays, the children in attendance are invited to the front of the church to participate in a ‘mini sermon’ that is delivered by a lay person on their level. The children leave for Sunday School immediately after the Child’s Word.  Their lesson follows the same scripture that the adults will be hearing so that the entire family can be focused on the same lesson for the Sunday.  With this message included in the service, the children are participating up to a point and they become comfortable and aware of what occurs in the service.  The lessons are prepared.  The time involved is varied by preparation and delivery of the message. 


Vacation Bible School- This is an event that occurs after school is dismissed for the summer.  In previous years it has been held on four evenings.  The children come for three hours of food, fun and learning.  Dinner is served nightly for the children and their families, the participants and church family.  A message begins the evening and activities are based on the message.  There is always a craft, music, physical activity, and science all tied into the evening.  Planning begins months ahead.  This is a big project for the adults involved but lots of fun and so rewarding.  Time commitment is varied.

Youth Group- The graduation of the Class of 2019 took with it most of our high school youth group. These young people had been very involved in the life of the church. They participated in all areas of worship serving as readers, communion assistants and greeters. They were also involved in National Youth Gatherings and service projects here and in other parts of the south. They met together monthly for Bible study and fun and fellowship, sometimes including other youth from local churches. Each one held a special place in the heart of our congregation. They left, but the desire and spirit of keeping a youth group going is still here! We look forward to families finding their way to our church family.

Family Game Nights- Family game nights have been a fun, inter-generational way to enjoy our church families. We are invited to bring our snacks, board games and cards and share our family favorites with all who come. There are usually exciting whole group games with prizes to thrill all ages!! (cling wrap balls???!!!)

Other Ways To Get Involved

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