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Staff and Leadership

We Are The Church Together

No one person can do the job of the church alone. Leadership in the church is more than a role in the church- it is an avenue to engagement in the church. Leaders are the listeners, encouragers, and inspirers. Leadership is not just a weekend position, it continues through the week.


Virtual Services 

pastor Dennis.png

Pastor Dennis Meyette

 Our Interim Pastor

Pastor Dennis has been an ordained pastor in the ELCA since 2004 and has served as an intentional Transition Specialist since 2011.  An Intentional Transition Specialist helps congregations make healthy pastoral and ministry transitions within the context of congregational ministry.

Pr. Dennis and his wife Kathy have been married for 48 years and have 2 adult daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Pr. Dennis and Kathy grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. They currently reside in Punta Gorda.  Pastor Dennis worked in his father's grocery business for 12 years and also for other retailers and then was called towards pastoral ministry, beginning college in 1995.  Kathy worked for 11 years as a pharmacy tech for Wal-Mart.

Pr. Dennis is a 1999 graduate of Kyper College and a 2003 graduate of Trinity Lutheran Seminary.  He has served ELCA mission congregations as a redeveloper and as an Intentional Transition Specialist.  He has also coached and consulted with congregations on matters of Transition Ministry.  Pastor Dennis retired from full time pastoral ministry June 2021.

We welcome Pastor Dennis and look to his experience to continue our transition journey!


To be a synod parish deacon, you must complete a required course of theological study, a required practicum and are approved by the bishop to serve a local congregation at the authority of the pastor. This ministry is a volunteer ministry. They bring to the congregation their gifts and passions, being shared to the benefit of our congregation and the community.

Pam Fairfax.jpeg

Pam Fairfax


Tracy Moffatt, Deacon.jpg

Tracy Moffatt



Parish Nurse

The nurses assist with healthcare assessments and decisions when requested or needed. This means that when it is necessary, they will accompany a member to a doctor’s appointment. Our Parish Nurses work with our Pastor, local hospitals, social service agencies and the community for the wellness of our congregation.

Nancy Roberts, Parish Nurse.jpg

Nancy Roberts


Parish Nurses

Music Department

Jim Jeffrey, Music Director.jpg

Jim Jeffrey

Music Director Emeritus

Jennette Ruszkowski, choir director.jpg

Jennette Ruszkowski

Choir Director


Robert Fredrick



Administrative Assistant

Julia Rieb Secretary .jpg

Julia Rieb


Council Members

Council Members

The members of the Church Council are the trustees who act on behalf of the church membership. The congregational council has the responsibility for ensuring fulfillment of the church’s mission and the legal accountability for its operations.

Jim Jackson_edited.jpg

Jim Jackson

Council President

Michelle Patrick Siggs.jpeg

Michelle Patrick-Siggs

Council Secretary

Rose Soerensen (1) (2).jpg

Rose Soerensen

Council Member


Julie Hunter

Council Member

Jim Welton, VP_edited.jpg

Jim Welton

Council Member

bill smithyman.jpeg

Bill Smithyman

Council Vice President

Howard Rieb_edited.jpg

Howard Rieb

Council Treasurer


Lucy Fuson

Council Member

Bev Valdes.jpeg

Bev Valdes

Council Member

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