Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. .

Worship & Music

“To create and sustain a nurturing, loving, environment where by means of prayer, praise and thanksgiving, each member of the congregation can privately and/or corporately worship the Triune God, proclaim the Gospel, and celebrate the sacraments.”


Learning & Youth

“To provide for members of the congregation and community educational activities which promote and sustain individual and congregational growth of Christian beliefs and values.”



 “To proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by sharing the good news of God’s word within the congregation and throughout the local community, or nation, and the world; to encourage each member to share Christian beliefs and values with others in daily activities.”.


“To identify the needs of those in need including but not limited to the abused, the distressed, the homeless, the hungry, the lonely, and the oppressed, both within the congregation and in the community, so that plans are made and implemented to alleviate those needs through Christian service.”



“To provide and coordinate the resources of people, facilities and funds so as to maintain the ministry of the congregation.”


Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God.